Respiratory Protection


₱ 1,697.85

  • Reusable half face respirator 
  • Cartridges and filters can be exchanged or disposed once used to capacity.
  • With two straps for a comfortable yet secure fitment
  • With adjusting straps to make sure it feel snug against your face
  • The cartridges/filters can be used in combination can be provide protections against a variety of hazards at concentrations up to 10 time the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).
  • They are all easily attached with a quarter turn twist on and off onto the face piece.
  • Can be used with high or low 3M Dual Airline systems, allowing flexibility and easy connections between both systems.
  • Face Piece is made from soft, lightweight material
  • Cradle head harness and easy to fasten neck strap
  • Dual filter design and Airline system available
  • Bayonet style fitting cartridges and filters
  • Minimal obstruction to overall vision
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